loop1 [lo͞op]
[ME loup < Anglo-N forms corresponding to ON hlaup, a leap, hlaupa, to run (akin to LEAP) > Dan løbe(knude), lit., running (knot)]
a) the more or less circular figure formed by a line, thread, wire, etc. that curves back to cross itself
b) a noose
2. anything having or forming this figure [the loop of a written l]
3. a sharp bend, as in a mountain road, which almost comes back upon itself
4. a ring-shaped fastening or ornament [loops for a belt]
5. a plastic intrauterine contraceptive device: usually with the
6. a segment of film or magnetic tape joined end to end to form a continuous strip for endless repetition in mixing or dubbing sound
7. a system consisting of a series of operations or activities in which each depends on the outcome of the previous one; esp., such a system in which the result of a later operation affects an earlier operation, providing continuous feedback
8. Aeron. a looplike airplane maneuver flown in a vertical plane
9. Comput. a sequence of program instructions that are repeatedly executed until certain conditions are reached
10. Elec. a complete circuit
11. Physics the part of a vibrating string, air column, etc. between the nodes; antinode
1. to make a loop or loops in or of
2. to wrap around one or more times [loop the wire around the post]
3. to fasten with a loop or loops [to loop curtains back]
4. to dub in or rerecord dialogue or other sound into (a film)
5. Elec. to join (conductors) so as to complete a circuit
1. to form into a loop or loops
2. to progress as a measuring worm does by alternately straightening the body and drawing it up into a loop
3. Aeron. to perform a loop or loops
in the loop or out of the loop
within (or not within) a particular exclusive group, often one that has influence, information, etc.; being (or not being) an insider
loop the loop
to make a vertical loop in the air, as in an airplane
☆ the Loop
the main business and shopping district in downtown Chicago
loop2 [lo͞op]
[ME loupe, prob. < MDu lupen, to peer]
Archaic a narrow opening or loophole

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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